2020 …hmmmm

I was telling about effort, running, push the hearth to the limits, like making
it to park the bus between the posts like in football. This happened exactly to us.
First meeting this year was at the gym. 12 boys + M. who was time keeper. It was pretty demanding. Not only that the gym was a tent in where some of us had shorts and a t-shirt at 20 o`clock and 0 degrees C.
Someone even vomited. How did we get to this? We had circuit with 6 tasks, 30 sec. work – 30. Sec pause, 2 exercises per task. I thought I would faint. My legs were off. It was pretty intense. Exactly what you need to get results. Ț. thought of himself as a captain on an old ship having the shirt open when the fan currents were hitting his chest. The rest were sea sick. When we got to the 3 rd circuit, I thought it was over but immediately after came the 1 minute break announcement. The pause was a few words long but the effort endless. I was regretting the lifestyle I had in the last month. Our legs left us.
Even so: no one died although I walked awkward for two days. Together with Ț. and S.HU. I left for a Dristor sawrma to recover. It was good. M. asked me afterwards why did we get there. We couldn`t continue the discussion so I left unsure if he was asking me because of some envy or just a blame vis-à-vis the effort.
Then, Sunday, we met during the training. It was more technical. We are still trying to work on creating and exploiting spaces, get superior numbers and use it. Sometimes T. was getting into the whole picture by demanding awkwardly the membership fee for 2020. It was a good training. The new colleagues were pretty well integrated (it seemed). There were two hours which showed that we never took any break and that we want to play. The play is pretty characteristic to us. Not sure if because of the name. Then we enjoyed J.`s birthday. I have no idea how old he got but we know what he did or what he accepted in Bulgaria 2017 and that is enough. We trained well and so we got to silly jokes being dizzy from the good wine he brought. We wished him well and started different chats. Now I realize we were like fast dating. Being more guys and considering the rules of making a group work, we split in 3 groups of about 7 people discussing different subjects and sometimes the people changed the group. I got in one with Ț. and S.HU. staying on some benches like old guys looking at the others: some were stretching, some were cooling down, M. was playing with his son, others just chilling. Our affirmations started only so: ”My boys! My guard!” while criticizing or making fun of them. All was well till B. ran with the red wine bottle. We heard him leaving quiet and somehow vague. Biggest crime lately. He will get punished even if he likes it. This will be debated during the ”Procesul” (the Trial). No one escapes from that. I hope to make it some kind of Inquisition. It was a red, sweet great wine and 2 liters of it. I was feeling like Scarlet O`Hara when she asked about the war (Ashley) when I could not believe it and was asking about B. The guys who were out smoking, went in asking the same thing. Shortly we realized this was real and the crime was committed: B. stole the wine and left. Yes, I know I said we`re not much of a drinkers although now we were astonished seeing such a treason and were prepared to jump like barbarians on the bottle if it had reappeared. I remember now when we were to Alba Iulia and after the game, the mayor gave us a bottle of cherry brandy of which we al drank immediately after the last whistle. Some was still left and so I arrested it personally. I do not usually like such a drink but this one was great. I took it in the room. I was colleague with Ț. and S.HU.. No one knew our room so after a few sips we decided to make some fun. We almost emptied the bottle by turning the brandy in another bottle and send on the whatsapp group a selfie with one finger of brandy left in the bottle. What followed was something like the third world war. Even if we confessed and gave back the drink, we were still considered suspicious by the colleagues.
After all this socializing we had also some serious talks by proposing some objectives for the next period: to look for pitches for the next game with some Scots, to run, to continue the gym. I will take more clothes with me next time…
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