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Surviving, as a sports group, out of passion, is very demanding, especially around here 🙂
Most of the resources are spent on providing training capabilities and organizing home games. Touring, away games, team events, new equipment or other costs, are supported by the active members. The club finances are assured almost entirely through the membership fee.
If you too believe in our efforts and vibe with our efforts, there are multiple ways to support us:

Join the club as a member

This is the best way to support us!
We are open to receive anybody who wants to be an Arlechin. Members get following benefits:

  • Group adherence to Romania`s only after work rugby club
  • Access to club events
  • Training infrastructure and individual/collective training programmers curated by experienced rugby professionals
  • Access to a practical professional network
  • Eligibility to play and enjoy running rugby (contact or touch) with experienced individuals
  • Club equipment
  • Touring as the holiday you`ll never replicate
  • Body remodelling
  • Beer company
  • Wedding guests
  • Do you want to become Arlechin?

    If you are interested in sports and you do not have time to practice it on a professional level, if you want in your free time, as we say "after work", work your physical condition and mix this with the third half a beer with the boys and last but not least, if you are passionate about oval ball sport, we are waiting for you in our After Work Rugby Club. You can contact us through the website on Facebook or Twitter.

    Be a club sponsor

    We can foster brand/product exposure and differentiation, access to club events for your company, personalized joint events (teambuilding, wellbeing programs, workshops, exhibition support, etc.). Please contact us for a personalized and beneficial collaboration.

    Redirect 3.5% of income tax as an individual through the ANAF 203 form or redirect 20% profit tax / 0.75% of turnover as a company through the ANAF 177 form + sponsorship contract

    Simple Donations

    Straight forward: donate into our account:
    IBAN: RO71CECEB31830RON3420238
    CIF/CUI: 31186990

    One one hand, we offer competitive rugby, appreciated by any team we played with, but also by former ruggers that joined our ranks. On the other, we put a lot of energy in the social matters so that, as a group, being even a non-playing member it is a joy to be among the Arlechinii by being respected, considered and finding here a friendly atmosphere. We`re a open-minded organization, always adapting, trying new approaches in enjoying each effort and open to new members no matter their rugby experience.

    As a group, we consist of members ranging ages 20 to 60, different jobs, locals or expats. This provides also personal development, new friendships, professional networking.

    As a club, we advocate for sport as a healty lifestyle, for wide general public access to sports infrastructure and events, for rugby as a valuable and meaningful approach to personal and community development or, at least, a manly alternative to football 🙂. This commitment is shown in our history by initiating & organizing local rugby competitions, supporting other romanian clubs in their initial development, making donations to those in need.


    Former and actual members

    Under valuated extras for joining us:

    As a new joiner, you`ll benefit greatly from starting a new sports routine which will result in a certain lifestyle life attitude (nutrition, recovery, choices). The group will hold you accountable each training if you do not deliver because the few of us who get on the pitch, give everything.

    Mental health is still a matter not many people are open to share about but taking part in the club events – you`ll see instant improvements and you will find sincere colleagues to speak about this. 

    Given the diverse background, you`ll make friends for pursuing other hobbies or interests. There are a lot of lonely people who did not choose it, but it does not have to be like this. 

    Teaming up with us, will make you stand out as this is not the usual club around.

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