Thoughts of Welfare

It seems we got into some kind of routine. I am not sure if it
is because of the game that is short to come (8th of February), or it fits us well.
Routines are great when these are planned and focused on an adventurous process more pleasant than the results. We meet now 2 times a week: once in the gym, then on the pitch. Plus individual training. I guess we always had such a routine. The process was great and the result is that we still exist. Maybe it sounds dramatic but it is hard to find in this city, an European capital, a decent and accessible pitch to rent – a club house is our wet dream – and the club members, although more and more (at least since I am here), few had any contact with this sport before getting here. I guess that these two factors are the most difficult to control in order to have a routine. Practically it seems we exist/adapt in some unfavorable conditions. Then this routine comes also with some costs and risks: time spent away from family and friends, injuries, additional financial spending: three things hard to balance.
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Why would we do thist?About family it`s hard for me to speak although most of us are pretty young (including T. and P.) and some of us have very young children for which it can get vital to spend time with. Add to this wifes and lovers. I guess there are around 4 or 5 hours per week which are spent without them. The cost might seem high compared to the few moments we are assisted by them at some of our events, enjoying them together. For example I am amused by M. when he comes with his kids, or B. that seems to want a junior rugby team. The fact that we attract also our families in this helps in creating a community. I have the impression that in this country the most communities are geographical – which is not enough for a prosperous and happy society.
Being injured pretty serious (fortunately not often), I could say that this subject is funny exaggerated. I guess that also the others that got through this would say the same although we did not intend to get injured. During some training, funny till some moment, I got an ACL tear. What followed was not what I would have imagined, but it was a great stoic exercise being put in a situation to choose between constantly degrading my attitude, or getting the best of something that did not promise any return to rugby. Although it was very demanding from many points of view, I was constant and firm in my efforts and now I`m running again like a deer and push in rucks. I mean it to be funny because the most of us will get unavoidable injured at some moment in our lives in some way: broken limbs, rheumatism, internal diseases and more often and more worrying – depression or any such illnesses. Getting through such of an experience soon and well, it will not only appear as a life proof, but it will prepare you for the next situation or even prevent it. You can argue I deserved it because I got involved in rugby but think about you sitting on a chair right now having Gollum`s posture, behind a screen that`s providing you 24/7 hyper-realities, eating maybe something about which you do not know all, neglecting social interaction because of immediate comforts and being lost in excesses. OK – I might exaggerate with “now” but the most of us do some of those things or even more each week, or each day. I guess that their result has more risks than running with an oval ball or something similar. The shittiest part is that most of this happens without knowing it or assuming it. Therefore it is hard to control it.
“On the economic side”… (George Becali), we must pay monthly a membership fee of about two cigarette packs. Some sponsors still help us and once a year we can get 2% of the income taxes redirected to our association by us or friends. With all this we have to cover the training and games. Then we pay again for the registration, flights, rooms and meals during the tours. This is some kind of Champions League final. I will get also there. Basically, we pay for the chance to practice this sport and for a nice holiday with the boys.

Now I`m thinking about the non-professional talks at the office: 70% about food and gain loss (sports), 30% – series, politics and shitty jokes. It`s always so. Although all blame it, no one is making time in their routines for dynamic activities, they do not care about their nutrition, do not get civic involved, nor have they any real hobbies. Of course that I cannot judge the lives of others and this should not be any concern for anybody, but sometimes you have to deal with what they have chosen for themselves. Being a member of a sports club can solve some of your problems or at least some part of them: you`ll get active, you`ll care for what you consume, you`ll get a hobby, you`ll socialize and maybe you`ll get involved in civic actions easily, at least in matters about sports and health. Then from this you`ll get other benefits like new opportunities, a more pleasant physique, mental and physical health that is easily to control and maybe with this you`ll get easier to a happy life. I do not know what exactly happiness is, but I feel good doing the above.

Looking all over this, it is easy to observe that although there are some obligations, there is in the same amount some happiness, good, healthy habits and hope.

It you see this routine as adventurous and get it`s sense, then you can have it! We enjoy having new colleagues. Mostly during touring. If you`re not that adventurous, you can support us for example by redirecting these 2% and we`ll work constantly to be the knights of some “way to healthy life” order in this society. It won`t harm to have a history like The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.

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