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Thursday, 12th of march, 17 o`clock

The current situation doesn`t look great at all. Although

there are a lot of possible scenarios, during all this uncertainty you create for yourself one and stick on it. But for us it`s a bit complicated now. I really is like “was it or was it not?” Will we play or not? Making fun of the troubles is great medicine. Always. We`re already joking about playing the game and if it ends shitty – we`ll get the best possible publicity we ever wished. Or we could play secretly on some (corn or pasture) field outside the city and no one would know. In fact we played also in the city center and no one knew. I guess that despite the many games we had, my girlfriend came only once…. At least we won`t get criticized by the guys watching from the stands. This would be too much. I mean we all invest somehow in all this, some even pretty much, and it is very desired to crown all those efforts with a game. Before this day we had to endure Traian and his friend, two rugby on bread eaters. Now looking at them, I am not sure about the proportions between rugby and bread but we all agree that Wales would have had a better outcome against England if they wouldn`t have kicked for goal all those penalties. This was a “match”. Not even we kick for goal. Now not matter how much or less can we play rugby, “let us prepare for Champions League”. The risks being obvious and not wanting to do politics, we choose on Friday not to play. It wasn`t easy for us but, at least from my perspective, the biggest regret we had was that we could not be great hosts for the English mates. It would have been for sure a nice weekend. It must be mentioned that at Arlechinii, no matter how our gameplay or club existence evolves, the most important thing is to protect our physical integrity. Even if rugby is a dynamic sport and shows, at least apparently, some risks, practicing it has a lot to do for most of us with keeping a certain level of health and mobility. We hope that every person takes care of himself in the next period in order to finish with all this shit. Not necessarily because it would be important for the humanity, which in turn is a kind on virus – if we change the perspective, but in April we`ve got some games scheduled. Even in May. And in June we`re playing our Champions League final.

P.S. Maybe God is not Romanian. I mean all the Romanian teams left in the “European spring” – CFR Cluj and Arlechinii – seem to suffer. CFR suffered till the end of suffering and Arlechinii`s future is uncertain.

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